All compositions by Christian Achim Kühn,
except Gustav Grinch by Christian Achim Kühn & Ziv Taubenfeld

Christian Kühn – guitar, voice
Ziv Taubenfeld – bass clarinet
Esat Ekincioglu – double bass
George Hadow – drums

Recorded by Paul Grau at Gismo7 Motril, Spain May 14, 2018 – May 15, 2018
Mixing & Mastering by Martin Ruch at Control Room Berlin

Artwork by Artur Bodenstein


(P) 2019 // Berthold Records // www.berthold-records.de
releases March 22, 2019



“Kuhnspiracy is an incredibly focused work, a commendable take on programmatic writing utilising multiple music blends…an aural kaleidoscope, often mentally exhaustive yet feeling quite pertinent within the current jazz climate.”
Jazz Journal, UK
”the chief attraction lies in the mash-up of genres—punk, funk, classical, folk, metal/grunge, marching music, spoken word (and probably more)—and the easy precision with which the group negotiates the incessant rapid-fire changes, from chugging power riffs to plaintive themes, from aggressive screams to gentle whispers.”
The New York City Jazz Record, USA
”I am left to contemplate Kuhn Fu’s awesomely twisted sense of humor.”
Progression Magazine, USA
”fein gemahlener Avant Edge Rock von der Steiger Mordwand ebenso wie vor gepflegten Disharmonien strotzender Rotz Jazz, 12/15 points”
”From existentialism to metaphysics; this music has everything in it related to life” Cumhuriyet, TR
”Humor schwärzester Güteklasse, schaurig, witzig, spannend. Programmmusik im besten Wortsinn, zum Grinsen, zum Grübeln, zum Headbangen”
Jazzthing, DE
”ein purer Genuss für alle vom Radio- und TV-Musik-Mainstream arg geschundenen Ohren, die den Schalter umgehend von Klang-Einheitsbrei auf Extrem-Dissonanz umlegen können, ohne auf das Eine wie das Andere gänzlich verzichten zu müssen.’
musikreviews, DE
”The music is too rich for me to think of it as a potential soundtrack – it’s more like an entire film, translated as album.”
”You can never get comfortable with any of the tracks and that is a good thing as this style of music is made to be radical and shifting under your feet. KUHNSPIRACY is not for the faint of heart, but adventurous music lovers may just get the right kick from their craziness.” rockthebodyelectric.com
”Kuhnspiracy is tons of fun, both in the compositions and the improvisations, and this is definitely a band with a sound all their own and the talent to make it work.”
Jon Davis
”Kuhnspiracy is not just one of the maddest and scariest albums I’ve listened to, but for me, a Holy Shit album!….they are continuing where Don Van Vliet had left off during the continuation of the Trout Mask Replica sessions.”
”To my ears, they have extended the Rock In Opposition genre with their classical leanings and deranged playing. Quite an impressive release that is sure to appeal to anyone tired of the same old, same old.”
Henry Schneider
”Im Spannungsfeld zwischen den ungestümen Avant-Jazz-Prog- und den eher traditionell orientierten Jazz-Einfällen kreieren KUHN FU ihre eigene Version einer Musik, die sowohl die Avant-Prog-Freunde, als auch die offenen Jazz-Hörer ansprechen dürfte.”
”Kunhspiracy n’est certes pas votre disque de prog habituel mais les fans de musiques expérimentales, ainsi que ceux des groupes précités et/ou du label Cuneiform, sont vivement conviés à s’immerger dès que possible dans ce récital extravagant.”
”Wirklich spannende Musik mit schwer treibendem Groove und gelungenen Improvisationen”
Concerto, AT


All compositions by Christian Achim Kühn,
except Such Sweet Thunder by Duke Ellington

Recorded live at Studio Bee, Istanbul April 13th 2015

Sound Engineer Baran Göksu & Umut ÇetinMixed by Baran Göksu

Mastered by Leo Grimaudo

Artwork by Daniel Menzel & Igorizo


released June 28, 2015