Out April 22nd

“The multinational combo plays their jazz as relaxed as musicians who are chewing on a cactus while they massage their scalp with a cheese grater.” Augsburger Allgemeine, DE

“If we wanted an Austrian Billy Jenkins, who better than Christian Kühn and his Kuhn Fu combo. Manic in terms of guitaring, puppet-dancing and mention-the-war humour, he roughed up the festival with a bucketload of zany humour, in the guise of avant speed-jazz.” Jazzwise, UK

“Kühn relies on K & K -Klamauk und Klasse- and is loved for it.”
Salzburg News, AT

“between cabaret and schizophrenia” Concerto, AT

“The band around guitarist Christian Kühn relies on style duels, as US saxophonist John Zorn used to, and it sounds massive” DerStandard, AT

“An entertaining chaos, a precisely organized action that is best experienced live – and as a reminder, there is the album for the home sofa.” JazzThing DE

“a fast-paced, sometimes breathtaking metal-jazz cabaret. A musical punch line chases the next one.”
Jazzthetik, DE

“a feeling of great musical freedom in this excessive music” culturejazz.fr

“Kuhn Fu have scored another touchdown in their own take of Football with Chain the Snake as if they brought everything from the kitchen table of Jazz, Swing, Ska, Punk, and the Rock In Opposition genre into a delicious Wasabi Mango Pineapple Smoothie.” zacharynathanson.blogspot.com

“A Colorful Combo, which once more proves that art does not know any restriction.”

Anyone who is able to think outside the box should definitely have fun with this music close to anarchy.

“international line up, the world in art, globalization in good: “Chain The Snake” is a beautiful soundtrack to unnerving news about Brexit and other decay movements – and of course makes otherwise a good mood.

“Some ideas probably reflect the less cheerful side of the composer, like the melancholic-dark” Oswaldo’s Waltz “, which can compete with the Borrowing & Club of Gore.”
Babyblaue Seiten

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