“The multinational combo plays their jazz as relaxed as musicians who are chewing on a cactus while they massage their scalp with a cheese grater.” Augsburger Allgemeine, DE

“If we wanted an Austrian Billy Jenkins, who better than Christian Kühn and his Kuhn Fu combo. Manic in terms of guitaring, puppet-dancing and mention-the-war humour, he roughed up the festival with a bucketload of zany humour, in the guise of avant speed-jazz.” Jazzwise, UK

“Kühn relies on K & K -Klamauk und Klasse- and is loved for it.”
Salzburg News, AT

“between cabaret and schizophrenia” Concerto, AT

“The band around guitarist Christian Kühn relies on style duels, as US saxophonist John Zorn used to, and it sounds massive” DerStandard, AT

“An entertaining chaos, a precisely organized action that is best experienced live – and as a reminder, there is the album for the home sofa.” JazzThing DE

“a fast-paced, sometimes breathtaking metal-jazz cabaret. A musical punch line chases the next one.”
Jazzthetik, DE

“a feeling of great musical freedom in this excessive music” culturejazz.fr

“Kuhn Fu have scored another touchdown in their own take of Football with Chain the Snake as if they brought everything from the kitchen table of Jazz, Swing, Ska, Punk, and the Rock In Opposition genre into a delicious Wasabi Mango Pineapple Smoothie.” zacharynathanson.blogspot.com

“A Colorful Combo, which once more proves that art does not know any restriction.”

Anyone who is able to think outside the box should definitely have fun with this music close to anarchy.

“international line up, the world in art, globalization in good: “Chain The Snake” is a beautiful soundtrack to unnerving news about Brexit and other decay movements – and of course makes otherwise a good mood.

“Some ideas probably reflect the less cheerful side of the composer, like the melancholic-dark” Oswaldo’s Waltz “, which can compete with the Borrowing & Club of Gore.”
Babyblaue Seiten


If you like the music, support KUHN FU by buying the album HERE !


KUHN FU is a paranoid prog punk jazz performance

Does this sound weird?…well we are still a hairy fish with legs that can climb a tree.


Christian Kühn ( 39, Germany )

is the German bandleader who moves like a rat on stage. He has been accused of schizophrenia by the jazz press and is constantly fighting a war against „the invisible jazz wall“. He talks a lot, on and off stage. In Berlin, he takes part in wild gatherings purely for social research, to have stories for his programmatic music.

Ziv Taubenfeld ( 34, Israel )

was born in Karmiel. Improvising on the bass clarinet is his way of being. He searches for the pure primitive that is free from time when leading ‘Full Sun’, a fairly large ensemble based on the Amsterdam impro scene.

John Dikeman ( 37, USA )

Is a beast on the tenor sax, some even say he is the reincarnation of Albert Ayler. His ear shattering volume and intensity on the tenor make him a great new asset to KUHN FU. His thick American accent almost make him a parody of an American cowboy who plays free jazz.

Tobias Delius ( 57, England/Germany )

Delius produces a sumptuous timbre reminiscent of Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster, which he combines with a decidedly modern and slippery harmonic and rhythmic conception. A member of the famous ICP Orchestra he has dadaistic and humoristic approach to improvisation that fits perfect to KUHN FU.

Esat Ekincioglu ( 31, Turkey )

tries to destroy his cheap pressboard bass since 2012. There is more duct tape on it than wood left. He is a true master of the „Electric Turkish Bass Solo“. Born in Istanbul one cannot judge him without having eaten his lentil soup. When not breaking things with KUHN FU, he leads AVA Trio, an ethnojazz trio that tours the world.

Sofia Salvo ( 27, Argentina )

Sofía Salvo is a baritone sax player and improviser from Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently living in Berlin, Germany. Her performances include a strong combination between acoustic noisy sounds and dark introspective melodies.

Luca Marini ( 39, Germany )

is a German/Italian drummer who studied in Paris, Montreal, Amsterdam and New York, and continued to develop his own method and techniques while living in Berlin. Utilizing the standard drum kit as a foundation, Luca incorporates traditional drum techniques, percussion, various preparations and electronics to achieve a wide spectrum of textures, timbres and sounds.

George Hadow ( 28, England)

comes from Devon, loves fish & chips and Indian music. He plays loud drums but is a quite person by nature. On the Autobahn touring with Günther the van, you see him looking out the window, headphones on, tapping his fingers. We once asked him, “what music are you listening to?” He replied „not music, it’s a metronome“.


We played many gigs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Turkey and Israel


If you like the music please contact us for a gig or simply show us your love by sharing it with your friends.


With Kosher Love, Turkish kisses, English stiff upper lips and German hugs we greet you





All compositions by Christian Achim Kühn,
except Gustav Grinch by Christian Achim Kühn & Ziv Taubenfeld

Christian Kühn – guitar, voice
Ziv Taubenfeld – bass clarinet
Esat Ekincioglu – double bass
George Hadow – drums

Recorded by Paul Grau at Gismo7 Motril, Spain May 14, 2018 – May 15, 2018
Mixing & Mastering by Martin Ruch at Control Room Berlin

Artwork by Artur Bodenstein


(P) 2019 // Berthold Records // www.berthold-records.de
releases March 22, 2019

KUHN FU’s third album Chain the Snake is released by BERTHOLD records on March 22nd. Christian Kühn who also composed the music sees “stylistic changes since our last record. The band today is a paranoid – prog – punk – jazz performance,” he explains. Working on the previous album Kuhnspiracy, Kühn had suffered from a “post romantic jazz/rock disorder”, a condition unknown to reputable psychiatry. “The romantic stood for an unfulfilled craving, still there, but the punk who doesn’t care is winning at the moment” he explains.


His band KUHN FU has been described as zany, mad and scary. The band’s line up: Christian Kühn from Germany on guitar, Esat Ekincioglu from Turkey on bass, Ziv Taubenfeld from Israel on clarinet and George Hadow from England on drums.


The energy and craziness of KUHN FU’s oeuvre cannot be wished away. “The theme of the conman and villain is a recurring topic in the tracks on this CD,” says the composer. Kuhn once worked for a wealthy man, doing a job he regarded as ridiculous. “I had to move things from one room to another. Someone had done the same in reverse a couple of weeks before,” he remembers. “Sisyphus work. It led to the track Marco Messy Millionaire which I wrote as a punk meets classical piece.


His explanation of the other tracks:


“Gargamel is the evil cartoonish misanthrope who hates everybody. This is a tango inspired by Messiaen mode.


Gustav Grinch is a blonde, white narcissist. An insidious character. Someone who thinks the world belongs to them. Maybe I was thinking of Donald Trump. Ziv came up with the riff for this one.


Sonic Manah has no topic. It’s like a Chinese tattoo, the one who wears it might have no idea what it means. It’s a contrapuntal piece but the harmony is static.


Oswaldo’s Waltz is about a lovely but weird guy from South America who dances very slowly. I was thinking of film noir.


Traktus is my longest song, with a lullaby motif. It came to me walking back from working a hotel night-shift. It tells a story that takes the listener on a journey through an absurd world.


Wolf’s Muckenkogel is a carnival polka to be sung by 80 000 people in Wembley, clapping and dancing, but we usually play in front of 40 pensioners in South Germany. It’s also dedicated to people trying to walk up a mountain in heavy snow with summer clothes.”


But why Chain the Snake as the album title? Kühn explains: “while on our Spain tour last year a Spanish technician told me in a sound-check to ‘change the snakes’, he meant the cables. Since I’m a bit deaf, I understood ‘chain the snake’. I thought, that’s a brilliant name. But can you chain a snake? It’s like catching something you can’t grab. Then my friend looked it up and said, actually Christian, you can. But we used the name anyway. It’s a bit sexual, a bit stupid.”


Kuhn is known for sometimes going over the top on stage. He tells the story of playing a gig in a strip-club with an audience of three young women plus an Asian couple. “We finished a song… silence, then clap…..clap…..clap…..There was a little stage in front and I thought – why not strip off. People told me afterwards that was the most awkward thing they’d seen in a long time. I looked just like an old demented guy with a guitar. I do a lot of out-of-place things but even my band members thought that was weird.”


The composer has been told by them that he celebrates mad prophecies, sees only the negative and that everything is bound soon to die. Nonetheless, the band is now going into its seventh year and Kuhn views that as a major achievement.


KUHN FU still astonishes enthusiastic audiences. In 2018 the band played 55 gigs in 17 countries all over Europe, from the Balkans to the south of Spain, notably at: Jazz Club Unterfahrt in Munich, Opus Jazz Club in Budapest, Control Club in Bucharest, Zelenkovac Jazz Festival 2018 in Bosnia, Saalfelden Jazz Festival 2018 in Austria, Perelik Jazz Festival 2018 in Bulgaria, So What’s Next Festival 2018 and Rock-it Festival 2018 in the Netherlands. “Audiences are getting more open minded,” thinks Kühn “and can deal better with our big musical contrasts, which are perhaps less pronounced on this album. Our music can still be accurately described as “a hairy fish with legs that can climb a tree.”


Ian Bild January 2019


…a post romantic jazz/rock disorder

“Kuhnspiracy is an incredibly focused work, a commendable take on programmatic writing utilising multiple music blends…an aural kaleidoscope, often mentally exhaustive yet feeling quite pertinent within the current jazz climate.”
Jazz Journal, UK
”the chief attraction lies in the mash-up of genres—punk, funk, classical, folk, metal/grunge, marching music, spoken word (and probably more)—and the easy precision with which the group negotiates the incessant rapid-fire changes, from chugging power riffs to plaintive themes, from aggressive screams to gentle whispers.”
The New York City Jazz Record, USA
”I am left to contemplate Kuhn Fu’s awesomely twisted sense of humor.”
Progression Magazine, USA
”fein gemahlener Avant Edge Rock von der Steiger Mordwand ebenso wie vor gepflegten Disharmonien strotzender Rotz Jazz, 12/15 points”
”From existentialism to metaphysics; this music has everything in it related to life” Cumhuriyet, TR
”Humor schwärzester Güteklasse, schaurig, witzig, spannend. Programmmusik im besten Wortsinn, zum Grinsen, zum Grübeln, zum Headbangen”
Jazzthing, DE
”ein purer Genuss für alle vom Radio- und TV-Musik-Mainstream arg geschundenen Ohren, die den Schalter umgehend von Klang-Einheitsbrei auf Extrem-Dissonanz umlegen können, ohne auf das Eine wie das Andere gänzlich verzichten zu müssen.’
musikreviews, DE
”The music is too rich for me to think of it as a potential soundtrack – it’s more like an entire film, translated as album.”
”You can never get comfortable with any of the tracks and that is a good thing as this style of music is made to be radical and shifting under your feet. KUHNSPIRACY is not for the faint of heart, but adventurous music lovers may just get the right kick from their craziness.” rockthebodyelectric.com
”Kuhnspiracy is tons of fun, both in the compositions and the improvisations, and this is definitely a band with a sound all their own and the talent to make it work.”
Jon Davis
”Kuhnspiracy is not just one of the maddest and scariest albums I’ve listened to, but for me, a Holy Shit album!….they are continuing where Don Van Vliet had left off during the continuation of the Trout Mask Replica sessions.”
”To my ears, they have extended the Rock In Opposition genre with their classical leanings and deranged playing. Quite an impressive release that is sure to appeal to anyone tired of the same old, same old.”
Henry Schneider
”Im Spannungsfeld zwischen den ungestümen Avant-Jazz-Prog- und den eher traditionell orientierten Jazz-Einfällen kreieren KUHN FU ihre eigene Version einer Musik, die sowohl die Avant-Prog-Freunde, als auch die offenen Jazz-Hörer ansprechen dürfte.”
”Kunhspiracy n’est certes pas votre disque de prog habituel mais les fans de musiques expérimentales, ainsi que ceux des groupes précités et/ou du label Cuneiform, sont vivement conviés à s’immerger dès que possible dans ce récital extravagant.”
”Wirklich spannende Musik mit schwer treibendem Groove und gelungenen Improvisationen”
Concerto, AT


All compositions by Christian Achim Kühn,
except Such Sweet Thunder by Duke Ellington


Recorded live at Studio Bee, Istanbul April 13th 2015
Sound Engineer Baran Göksu & Umut Çetin
Mixed by Baran Göksu
Mastered by Leo Grimaudo
Artwork by Daniel Menzel & Igorizo
released June 28, 2015



10 Mar 2022 Göppingen, GER TBA ( Sextet ) TBA ( Sextet )
11 Mar 2022 Ladenburg, GER Leicht und Selig ( Sextet ) Leicht und Selig ( Sextet )
12 Mar 2022 Baarle-Nassau , NL PlusEtage ( Sextet ) PlusEtage ( Sextet )
01 Jul 2022 Greifswald, GER Eldenaer Jazz Evenings ( Sextet / NDR Broadcast ) Eldenaer Jazz Evenings ( Sextet / NDR Broadcast )
27 Oct 2022 Vienna, AT Jazz im Martinschlössl Jazz im Martinschlössl
28 Oct 2022 Graz, AT Stockwerk Stockwerk

Past Shows

12 Dec 2021 Berlin, GER B flat ( Trio w. Jungle Debris ) B flat ( Trio w. Jungle Debris )
15 Oct 2021 Altenburg, GER Jazzklub Jazzklub
14 Oct 2021 Rostock, GER Peter und der Jazz Peter und der Jazz
13 Oct 2021 Berlin, GER Zentrifuge Studio Recording Zentrifuge Studio Recording
12 Oct 2021 Berlin, GER Zentrifuge Studio Recording Zentrifuge Studio Recording
11 Oct 2021 Prague, CZ Jazzdock ( Sextet ) Jazzdock ( Sextet )
09 Oct 2021 Aachen, GER Musikbunker ( Sextet ) Musikbunker ( Sextet )
08 Oct 2021 Würzburg, GER Freakshow.Artrock.Festival ( Sextet ) Freakshow.Artrock.Festival ( Sextet )
29 Aug 2021 Utrecht, NL BUI Picnic Festival #balkonscenes BUI Picnic Festival #balkonscenes
28 Aug 2021 Rotterdam, NL Jazz in Crooswijk #bakonscenes Jazz in Crooswijk #bakonscenes
27 Aug 2021 Amsterdam, NL Summer Space Festival #balkonscenes Summer Space Festival #balkonscenes
20 Aug 2021 Saalfelden, AT Jazzfestival ( Sextet with Tobias Delius & John Dikeman ) Jazzfestival ( Sextet with Tobias Delius & John Dikeman )
14 Aug 2021 Hunsel, NL OZOLand OZOLand
14 Aug 2021 Hunsel, NL Ozoland #Balconscenes Ozoland #Balconscenes
31 Jul 2021 Varna, BUL Varna Jazz Festival Varna Jazz Festival
14 May 2021 Dordrecht, NL TBA TBA
13 May 2021 Vienna, AT Porgy & Bess Porgy & Bess
12 May 2021 Prague, CZ Jazzdock ( CANCELLED ) Jazzdock ( CANCELLED )
17 Apr 2021 Berlin, GER Kühlspot ( cancelled ) Kühlspot ( cancelled )
16 Apr 2021 Altenburg, GER Jazzklub ( cancelled ) Jazzklub ( cancelled )
14 Apr 2021 Cologne, GER Loft ( cancelled ) Loft ( cancelled )
13 Apr 2021 Aachen, GER Musikbunker ( Sextett ) Musikbunker ( Sextett )
12 Apr 2021 Krefeld, GER Jazzklub Krefeld in der Kulturfabrik ( Live Stream ) Jazzklub Krefeld in der Kulturfabrik ( Live Stream )
17 Oct 2020 Neeritter, NL JazzBlazzt ( CANCELLED ) JazzBlazzt ( CANCELLED )
22 Aug 2020 Groningen, NL RKZ Garden ( trio ) RKZ Garden ( trio )
21 Aug 2020 Bremen, GER Lila Eule ( trio ) Lila Eule ( trio )
16 Aug 2020 Bergedorf, GER WhiteCube WhiteCube
15 Aug 2020 Gedelitz, GER Wendlandjazz Wendlandjazz
07 Aug 2020 Regensburg, GER Bayerisches Jazzinstitut Live Stream Bayerisches Jazzinstitut Live Stream
05 Jun 2020 Zeulenroda , GER Open Air Schieszhaus ( Trio ) - CANCELLED Open Air Schieszhaus ( Trio ) - CANCELLED
16 May 2020 Berlin, GER Sowieso - CANCELLED Sowieso - CANCELLED
15 May 2020 Brno, CZ Ponava - CANCELLED Ponava - CANCELLED
14 May 2020 Vienna, AT Porgy & Bess - CANCELLED Porgy & Bess - CANCELLED
05 May 2020 Utrecht, NL BEvrijdingsfestival op Fort Lunet I - CANCELLED BEvrijdingsfestival op Fort Lunet I - CANCELLED
03 Apr 2020 Amsterdam, NL PlayOutFest@Sexyland ( Quintet ) - CANCELLED PlayOutFest@Sexyland ( Quintet ) - CANCELLED
28 Mar 2020 Göppingen, GER CLUB Bambule - CANCELLED CLUB Bambule - CANCELLED
27 Mar 2020 Altenburg, GER Jazzclub Altenburg - CANCELLED Jazzclub Altenburg - CANCELLED
26 Mar 2020 Česká Lípa, CZ U bílýho černocha - CANCELLED U bílýho černocha - CANCELLED
09 Feb 2020 Münster, GER Cuba Cuba
08 Feb 2020 Jena, GER Kulturbahnhof Kulturbahnhof
07 Feb 2020 Dresden, GER Tonne Tonne
06 Feb 2020 Halle, GER Pierre Grasse ( Trio ) Pierre Grasse ( Trio )
05 Feb 2020 Leipzig, GER Neues Schauspiel STAMM-H Ö R N-SESSIONS ( Trio ) Neues Schauspiel STAMM-H Ö R N-SESSIONS ( Trio )
03 Feb 2020 Berlin, GER Bflat ( Trio ) Bflat ( Trio )
07 Dec 2019 Leer, GER Jazz live im Speicher Jazz live im Speicher
06 Dec 2019 Berlin, GER Sowieso Sowieso
05 Dec 2019 Berlin, GER Sowieso Sowieso
04 Dec 2019 Hamburg, GER MS Stubnitz MS Stubnitz
19 Oct 2019 Mainz, GER JIM JIM
18 Oct 2019 Strasbourg, FR Festival Omezis Festival Omezis
17 Oct 2019 Esslingen, GER Dieselstrasse Dieselstrasse
16 Oct 2019 Augsburg, GER Jazzclub Jazzclub
15 Oct 2019 Hannover, GER Cafe Glocksee Cafe Glocksee
12 Oct 2019 Waidhofen an der Thaya, AT Igel Igel
31 Aug 2019 Groningen, NL Zomerjazzfietstour Zomerjazzfietstour
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18 May 2019 Hamburg, GER White Cube White Cube
17 May 2019 Lübeck, GER CVJM CVJM
16 May 2019 Rutenberg, GER Rehof Rehof
10 May 2019 Bremen, GER TOR 9 TOR 9
09 May 2019 Stuttgart, GER BIX BIX
26 Apr 2019 Horn-Bad Meinberg, GER Red Horn District Red Horn District
25 Apr 2019 Amsterdam, NL Bimhuis Bimhuis
13 Apr 2019 Ladenburg, GER Leicht & Selig Leicht & Selig
11 Apr 2019 Ludwigsburg, GER Fetzerei Fetzerei
10 Apr 2019 Karlsruhe, GER Kohi Kohi
09 Apr 2019 Bad Kötzting, GER Altes Spital Altes Spital
06 Apr 2019 Cerkno, SL Jazz Cerkno Jazz Cerkno
05 Apr 2019 Budapest, HU Opus Jazz Club Opus Jazz Club
04 Apr 2019 Pardubice, CZ Divadlo 29 Divadlo 29
03 Apr 2019 Berlin, GER Quasimodo Quasimodo
23 Mar 2019 Groningen, NL Atelier il sole in Cantina Atelier il sole in Cantina
02 Feb 2019 Regensburg, GER Jazzclub Jazzclub
01 Feb 2019 Ulm, GER KunstWerk KunstWerk
09 Dec 2018 Aachen, GER Musikbunker Musikbunker
08 Dec 2018 Basel, SUI RENEE RENEE
07 Dec 2018 Bergamo, IT Inascolto Inascolto
06 Dec 2018 Padova, IT Padova Jazz Club Padova Jazz Club
05 Dec 2018 Moosburg, GER Jazz Club Hirsch Jazz Club Hirsch
17 Nov 2018 Nordhausen, GER Nordhäuser Jazzfest Nordhäuser Jazzfest
10 Nov 2018 Groningen, NL Rockit Rockit
04 Nov 2018 Eindhoven, NL So What's Next? So What's Next?
03 Nov 2018 Eindhoven, NL So What's Next? So What's Next?
26 Aug 2018 Saalfelden, AT Jazzfestival Saalfelden Jazzfestival Saalfelden
31 Jul 2018 Prizren, XK Lumbardhi Lumbardhi
29 Jul 2018 Shtip, FYR Only Fools and Horses Only Fools and Horses
28 Jul 2018 Smolyan, BG Perelik Jazz Festival Perelik Jazz Festival
27 Jul 2018 Kruševac, SER AKC Gnezdo AKC Gnezdo
26 Jul 2018 Zelenkovac, BIH Zelenkovac Jazz Fest Zelenkovac Jazz Fest
23 Jul 2018 Čačak, SER Karusel Festival Karusel Festival
22 Jul 2018 Belgrade, SER Kosmodrom Kosmodrom
20 Jul 2018 Novi Sad, SER Skc Novi Sad Skc Novi Sad
19 Jul 2018 Ljubljana, SI Prulček Prulček
24 May 2018 Dordrecht, NL Door Door
23 May 2018 Brussels, BE La Machine La Machine
22 May 2018 Gent, BE De Centrale De Centrale


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