After two years of heavy touring we are proud to announce our latest oeuvre “Kuhnspiracy” to be released on UNIT Records 31st March 2017!




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KUHN FU is a post romantic jazz/rock disorder.

A hairy fish with legs that can climb a tree.


Christian Achim Kühn

is the founder of this ensemble. Is he the fish or the legs? Or simply the disorder? Time will surely show….He is a 35 year old guitarist-composer and aficionado of orchestral music born in Cologne, Germany. Because of his post romantic stress disorder he is in constant search for string players. If you happen to be one give him a call and you might be in the centre of grand plans. He is known for his entertaining stage talk and within the band for his not so entertaining stressing.

Ziv Taubenfeld

Ziv Taubenfeld ( 30 ) is a bass clarinet player from Karmiel, Israel. He is the leader of the great Trio BONES ( Leo Records ) and a very active figure in the Amsterdam Improvisation Scene. His intense playing style demands a lot of nutrition, which makes our touring a constant search for food with some occasional musical entertainment in between. Besides music and food he is a married man, smoking a funny pipe and letting sentences full of wisdom out of his hairy head.

Esat Ekincioglu

Esat Ekincioglu ( 26 ) is our big baba bass of the band and was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He leads his own Ethno Jazz Trio AVA and is the bass player of Hiske Oosterwijk’s EVA. Despite being a musician he is also a tough business man, that’s why we appointed him as band manager. Another asset to the band is his big blue car Günter, which he likes to drive fast and that makes our touring possible but sometimes also dangerous.

Lav Kovac

Lav Kovac ( 25 ) plays the furious drums and was born into a family of artists and musicians in Novi Sad, Serbia. Being an artist he thought for a long time that money is just an unnecessary idea of worldly people to interfere with his creativity. As you can see he is also a specialist in website construction and is now participating in society. Give him a call if you are in need of one!

That’s the band and all you need to know.


We left out the important awards ( 0 ) and countries we have toured ( Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and Israel )


If you like the music please contact us for a gig or simply show us your love by sharing it with your friends.


With Kosher Love, Turkish kisses, Serbian dreams and a German hug we greet you






After two years of heavy touring we are proud to announce our latest oeuvre Kuhnspiracy to be released on UNIT Records 31st MArch 2017.

We’ve been on the road in 7 countries for the last two years, played over 100 concerts, drank lots of shitty coffee and drove thousands of kilometers in a blue Ford Transit called Günter.

Then we decided it’s time to record an album and we went all analog at the famous Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg, mixing at LowSwing Studios Berlin, mastering at Amsterdam Mastering and let the Viennese illustrator Artur Bodenstein draw a dark cover that resembles all the characters which appear in the music. Because after all, Vienna is the city of the romantic where they invented and worship the depression.

It’s a record about failure, death and humanity. A sarcastic view on life but with a glimpse of optimism, not taking itself too seriously.

The influence classical music had on this record is undeniable and maybe that makes it, considering the instrumentation and intensity, a peculiar patchwork. The compositions are all written by Christian Achim Kühn, but only on stage through many concerts they could be shaped as they appear on the record. No overdubbing and almost no editing has been done in the studio. What you hear are full on live performances recorded on 2” tape. The focus is not on improvisation but on telling a story as an ensemble with dynamic extremes.

Everything has been done with great care for detail. It’s a record that’s totally KUHN FU and stylistically hard to define, a subjective eclectic view on music and life.


All compositions by Christian Achim Kühn,
except Such Sweet Thunder by Duke Ellington


Recorded live at Studio Bee, Istanbul April 13th 2015
Sound Engineer Baran Göksu & Umut Çetin
Mixed by Baran Göksu
Mastered by Leo Grimaudo
Artwork by Daniel Menzel & Igorizo
released June 28, 2015



04 Apr 2017 Zutphen, NL Filmtheater Luxor Filmtheater Luxor
05 Apr 2017 Amsterdam, NL Mezrab Mezrab
06 Apr 2017 Cologne, GER Pfandhaus Pfandhaus
07 Apr 2017 The Hague, NL Regentenkammer Regentenkammer
08 Apr 2017 Dordrecht, NL Kunstrand Kunstrand
09 Apr 2017 Brussels, BEL Roskam Roskam
10 Apr 2017 Ghent, BEL Trefpunt Trefpunt
11 Apr 2017 Luxembourg City, LUX De Gudde Wëllen De Gudde Wëllen
12 Apr 2017 TBA, GER TBA TBA
13 Apr 2017 Berlin, GER Bflat Bflat
15 Apr 2017 Aachen, GER Hotel Europa Hotel Europa
16 Apr 2017 Groningen, NL Brouwerij Martinus Brouwerij Martinus
01 Jul 2017 Bolzano, IT Südtirol Jazzfestival Südtirol Jazzfestival

Past Shows

15 Feb 2017 Vienna, AUT FLUC FLUC
14 Feb 2017 Kutna Hora, CZ Ceska 1 Ceska 1
13 Feb 2017 Prague, CZ Jazzdock Jazzdock
12 Feb 2017 TBA, CZ TBA TBA
11 Feb 2017 Česká Lípa, CZ U Bilyho Cernocha U Bilyho Cernocha
10 Feb 2017 Weimar, GER Kasseturm Kasseturm
09 Feb 2017 Berlin, GER Dave Lombardo Dave Lombardo
08 Feb 2017 Erfurt, GER Frau Korte Frau Korte
07 Feb 2017 Hamburg, GER JazzLab JazzLab
06 Feb 2017 Bremen, GER Kulturbunker Kulturbunker
04 Feb 2017 Groningen, NL Il Sole In Cantina Il Sole In Cantina


Kuhnspiracy out March 31st 2017 on UNIT Records
Pre-order now on: kuhnfumusic.bandcamp.com/
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KUHN FU - Kuhnspiracy - Release Tour

April 16, 2017, 4:00pm - April 16, 2017, 6:00pm

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KUHN FU added an event. ... See MoreSee Less

KUHN FU - Kuhnspiracy - Release Tour

April 15, 2017, 8:00pm - April 15, 2017, 11:00pm

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