New Single Release of the upcoming Tantalos EP ( 09.06. )

Tantalos did not win Deutscher Jazzpreis but we had a great time.
Congrats to the winners!

Tantalos got nominated for composition of the year Deutscher Jazzpreis 2023
Check out the video:

Fight is the fierce suspense piece of Jazz is Expensive. Imagine Marcel De Champignon and fighting over the melody that makes millions while Bruno the Architect Fish is sailing away in a storm of saxophone cascades.

Timpe Te Shuffle is the second single of Jazz is Expensive, a KUHN FU version of the "Fisherman and his wife" by Brothers Grimm. The Party is ON, this is the Timpe Te Shuffle. Dance!!! can't get enough. She wants to be like God. Marcel de Champignon turned into Kit Kat Kuhn. Bruno the Architect Fish is mad, the sea is wild.

Listen here:
Since 2012, the band around guitarist Christian Kühn has developed a unique and very idiosyncratic form of jazz rock ( or rock jazz ), between parody and a great seriousness with which they allude to musical blinders. Kühn's international ensemble consisting of John Dikeman ( tenor saxophone ), Tobias Delius ( tenor saxophone, clarinet ), Ziv Taubenfeld ( bass clarinet ), Sofia Salvo ( baritone saxophone ), Esat Ekincioglu ( bass ) and George Hadow ( drums ) plays the compositions, which are overflowing with melodies and compositional ideas, as if their lives were at stake. The comedy that is always present in KUHN FU's music does not take away from its intensity.
On Jazz Is Expensive, Kühn tells the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Fisherman and His Wife" in a new and different way. Kühn's style does the rest: with a forced German accent, the story is transformed into a modern fairy tale in English. The main character is the fisherman Marcel De Champignon, a horn player who is looking for the perfect melody - "the melody that makes millions". The fish is supposed to fulfil his wish, “Bruno the Architect” is his name. The website also plays a major role.

Mantje Mantje is the first single of Jazz is Expensive, the new version of the "Fisherman and his wife" by Brothers Grimm. Kit Kat Kuhn tells the story of Marcel de Champignon, and Bruno the Architect Fish in this dadaistic fairytale about greed and spirituality. The video was shot in cooperation with legendary Kit
Kat Club Berlin.

Mantje, Mantje, Timpe Te, Buttje, Buttje in der See,
meine Frau die Ilsebill,
Will nicht so, wie ich wohl will.

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